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Annealing treatment of stainless steel tees

1.Whether the annealing temperature reaches the specified temperature Heat treatment of stainless steel butt welding elbow.Generally, the solution heat treatment is taken, which is called "annealing ".The temperature range is" 1040~1120(Japanese standard) ". It can also be investigated by annealing furnace.The stainless steel butt welding elbow in the annealing area should be incandescent, but there is no softening spindles sagging.

2.The annealing atmosphere is generally pure hydrogen as the annealing atmosphere. Atmosphere PURITY IS 99.99% ABOVE, IF THE OTHER PART IN ATMOSPHERE IS THE WORD OF INERT GAS, PURITY ALSO CAN BE A BIT LOWER, BUT CANNOT CONTAIN OVERMUCH OXYGEN, VAPOR.

3. The furnace body sealing bright annealing furnace should be closed, isolated from the outside air; Use HYDROGEN as maintenance gas, as long AS ONE vent is OPEN (to ignite the hydrogen discharged).Check the way to use soapy water to wipe the joint gap in the annealing furnace, to see whether to run gas; One of the easy to run gas should be the annealing furnace into the pipe and pipe local.This local seal is particularly prone to wear and tear, and should be checked and replaced frequently.

4.In order to prevent slight leakage, the maintenance gas in the furnace should be kept at a certain positive pressure. The addition is hydrogen maintenance gas, which is generally required to be above 20kBar 

5.Water vapor in the furnace on the one hand, check whether the furnace body data is dry, initial loading furnace, furnace body data must be dried; The second is whether the stainless steel pipe into the furnace remains too much water stains, especially if there is a hole above the pipe, do not leak into it, otherwise it will destroy the furnace atmosphere,

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