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Spiral Wound Gasket are excellent use on Piping Systems for different working environment and condition

Spiral Wound Gasket which is made by alternating the winding of Metal tape and Graphite Filter Material. Spiral Wound Gasketplace between two Flange and when compressed , it form a very efficient seal.

Spiral Wound Gasket include one outer Ring, an Inner ring or both. The outer ring neutralized the gasket with the Flange and acts as a limit of gasket compression. The Inner Ring not only provides additional radial strength, but also reduces Flange erosion and protects the Sealing Element.

Why Spiral Wound Gasket are an good multi-Purpose gasket which used in Piping systems around the word? Because Spiral Wound Gasket are durable, Readily available in most industries, Cheap, can used in all pressure Classes from CL150 to CL2500. Spiral Wound Gasket are widely use in industry as a “Fireproof” type gasket according to its explosion design. 

Spiral Wound Gasket are generally manufactured as per ASME B16.20 which is a dimensional manufacturing standard that covers metal gasket used in Pipe Flange.

The Standard of gasket dimension for Pipe Flange in accordance with ASME B16.5 or B16.47 as well as gasket Construction ( Metal Connection, Center Rings, Inner Rings, Gasket Compression and Marking, General pressure Rating and Color Code.

Spiral Wound Gasket widely used in Oil Refinery and Chemical Plants because it have good resilience and high strength can working in different environment and conditions.

"Are all Spiral Wound Gaskets" the same? My answer is “No, they are not”. The reason is Metal&Filler quality is key point during manufactured by machines to control the gasket winding pressure and Tension, Ultimately decide the Spiral Wound Gasket final quality.

Gasket usage depends on serial of factors:

Metal and filler material must be able to withstand the influence of below factors:

A.Temperature:Temperature adversely affects the Mechanical and Chemical properties of gaskets, as well as the Physical Properties of gasket such as Oxidation and Resilience.

B. Pressure: Medium or Pipe Pressure may blow gasket away from flange surface.

C. Medium: Gasket material must be resistant to corrosion of medium

Spiral Wound Gasket are excellent use on Piping Systems for different working environment and condition.jpg

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