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The most perfect professional knowledge of Valve maintenance&overhaul,&repair and others

Valve Maintenance Knowledge

How to maintain valve instructions

, Leakage at the sealing packing
Analyze Production Reason:
1. Packing aging;  

2. Excessive force during operation;  

3. Packing gland bolt is loose;


Fault Elimination Method:  

1. The aging and damaged sealing packing should be replaced in time, and the joints should be placed one turn at a time, and the joints should be 30° ~ 45°;  

2. The operation should be uniform with normal force, and no bushing or other methods should be used to lengthen the moment arm;  

3. Tighten the bolt holding the packing gland evenly;
, Sealing Face Leakage
Reasons for production:  

1. The valve installation direction does not conform to the medium flow direction;  

2. The valve is not closed in place;  

3. Scaling on the sealing surface of the long-closed valve;  

4. The sealing surface is slightly rubbed;  

5. The sealing surface is seriously damaged;
Fault Elimination Method:  

1. Pay attention to valve installation inspection;  

2. Readjust the high-speed screw on the actuator and close it firmly in place;  

3. Open the valve a seam to allow high-speed liquid to wash away the scale;  

4. High-speed gasket for compensation;  

5. Regrinding, high-speed gasket compensation;
, External Leakage Of Flange Connection  

Reasons for production:
1. Uneven tightening force of stud;  

2. Gasket aging damage;  

3.The material of gasket is not consistent with the requirements of the working medium
Fault Elimination Method:
1. Re-tighten the bolts evenly;  

2. Replace the gasket;  

3. Correctly select gasket materials and forms according to the requirements of working conditions. If necessary, please contact the manufacturer for help in material selection and selection.   


, Lever, Hand wheel are damaged
Reasons for production:
1. Incorrect use;  

2. Fastener loose;  

3. The Lever, hand wheel and valve stem are damaged
 Fault Elimination Method:
1. Do not use pipe pliers, extended levers, impact tools, etc.;  

2. Repair the matching at any time;  

3. Repair at any time;
, Worm Gear, worm stem card bite
Reasons for production:
1. Embedded in dirt, affecting lubrication;

2. The operation is incorrect.
 Fault Elimination Method:
1. Remove dirt, keep it clean, and add oil regularly;  

2. If the operation is found to be stuck, torque is very large, can not continue to operate, immediately stop, thoroughly check;
, Electric Valve Installation Failure
Reasons for production:
1. Poor lubrication, foreign bodies in the valve are stuck, resulting in large damage to the torque edge;  

2. Motor fault;

Fault Elimination Method:
1. Add oil to make the tubing good, the packing pressing should be adapted, and the foreign matter in the valve should be removed in time to keep clean;  

2. The working time of the motor shall not exceed 15 minutes. The power supply shall be normal to avoid the motor being affected by moisture. 


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