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What are the classifications of electric butterfly valves

Electric Butterfly Valve Classification
Electric wafer butterfly valve, suitable for temperature 80 ~ 120such as Food, Chemical, Petroleum, Electric Power, Textile, Paper and other water supply and drainage, Gas Pipeline as regulation flow and interception medium.
Electric soft seal butterfly valve, suitable for lining, not only the seat can be lined, butterfly plate can also be lined, do the sanitary valve can achieve the effect of no pollution medium, is the ordinary ball valve can not be achieved.
Electric hard seal butterfly valve, hardfacing carbide or stainless steel, making sealing surface high strength, good hardness, wear resistance. Can open and close more than 60000 times without damage.
Electric flanged butterfly valve, due to the product principle of eccentric butterfly valve is used in 3 d design, make the space of the sealing surface movement to achieve ideal, no friction, no interference with each other, together with sealing material is properly selected, so that the butterfly valve sealing, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance are the reliable guarantee.
Electrically regulated butterfly valve, electrically regulated butterfly valve with 220V AC power supply as the power, accept 0~10mA or 4~20mA standard signal, drive the valve opening corresponding to this operation signal, to adjust the medium pressure, flow, temperature purpose.Simple structure and convenient operation. The valve plate is elliptic oblique closure structure, small leakage. Suitable for large diameter, large flow occasions.Because of its self-cleaning function, it is especially suitable for ventilation system and medium containing suspended particles.
Electric rubber lined butterfly valve, suitable for use in fresh water, sea water, salt, weak alkali, weak acid, natural gas, air, steam, oil, food and other media.
Electric ventilation butterfly valve, electric ventilation butterfly valve and the valve body of the same material processed into a sealing ring, its applicable temperature with the valve body material, nominal pressure is less than 0.6MP work, generally applicable to industrial, metallurgical, environmental protection and other pipelines for ventilation regulation medium flow.
The main characteristics of electric telescopic butterfly valve are as follows: novel design, reasonable, unique structure, light weight, easy operation, quick opening and closing; The telescopic butterfly valve can not only adjust and intercept the flow, compensate the thermal expansion and cold contraction caused by the temperature difference of the pipeline, but also provide convenience for the installation, replacement and maintenance of the valve. The sealing part can be adjusted and replaced, and the sealing performance is reliable. 

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