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What can not be ignored during the installation of electric ball valve

One of the key points in the installation process of Electric Ball Valve
1:The installation position;
2:Height and Inlet and Outlet direction should meet the design requirements.
3:The direction of medium flow should be consistent with the direction of arrow marked on the valve body, and the connection should be firm and tight.

In addition, an important point in the installation of the electric ball valve is that the electric ball valve needs to be visually inspected before installation. For valves with working pressure greater than 1.0MPa and cutting off the main pipe, strength and rigorous performance tests should be carried out before installation. Only after passing the test can they be used.

Operating torque is a more important parameter for selecting valve electric device. The motion process of electric ball valve can be controlled by stroke, torque or axial thrust. Because the working characteristics and utilization rate of the electric valve device depend on the type of valve, the working specification of the device and the position of the valve on the pipeline or equipment, the electric valve ball valve device is an indispensable device to realize the program control, 

automatic control and remote control of the valve.

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