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Butterfly Valve Connection Mode

1: Wafer Type Butterfly Valve
The butterfly valve plate is installed in the direction of the pipeline.The valve is fully open. Wafer Type Butterfly valve Simple Structure, Small Size,Light Weight. Butterfly valve has two seal types: Elastic Seal and Metal Seal. Flexible Seal Valve, Seal Ring can be inlaid on the body or attached to the butterfly plate around.
2: Flange connect Butterfly Valve
The flange type butterfly valve is of vertical plate structure, and the stem is the sealing ring of the integral metal hard sealing valve.  

Flexible graphite plate and stainless steel plate composite structure, installed on the valve body, butterfly plate sealing surface surfacing stainless steel. The seal ring of the soft seal valve is made of nitrile rubber, which is mounted on the butterfly plate.
3: Lug type Butterfly Valve
4: Welded type butterfly Valve
Welding butterfly valve is a kind of unsealed butterfly valve, widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mining, electric power and other production process medium temperature 300nominal pressure of 0.1Mpa on the pipeline, used to connect, open and close or adjust the medium quality. 

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