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Cause of overload of electric valve actuator

The driving core of the electric valve is the electric actuator. When using the electric valve, we will naturally take into account the operation specifications related to the electric actuator, otherwise it will directly affect the advantages of the electric valve. So for these may cause the electric valve work overload situation we will pay close attention to.
Cause of overload of electric valve actuator

1,Work overload caused by problems with the power supply of the electric valve. As we know, every kind of electrical equipment has a specific working environment when it is working, such as the power supply voltage environment, and it must be in the specified range of the use of electric valve actuators.
2,If the power supply voltage is not configured for these devices in accordance with the prescribed working environment, it will naturally affect the normal operation of the electric actuator. So for the operation of the electric valve actuator, the pressure of the power supply is too low, which may lead to its overload operation.v
3,Error in the operation of some parts when installing electric valve. For example, when debugging the torque limiting mechanism of the electric valve, it is not carried out in accordance with the prescribed operating specifications, which leads to the abnormal operation of its operation, which will also make the overload operation of the electric valve. This will undoubtedly greatly reduce the service life and functional valve of the equipment.
4,In addition, if the ambient temperature is too high, it will also lead to the overload operation of the electric valve, so when using the electric valve, we should also pay attention to the influence of the surrounding environmental factors, but also to ensure the ventilation of the working site environment, so as to make the heat generated when the electric valve actuator runs.


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