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China Communications Oil and Natural Gas Pipeline Company, pipeline engineering research and development center was inaugurated

On February 23, the founding conference of China Communications Oil and Gas Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd. and China Communications Oil and Gas Pipeline Engineering Research and Development Center was held in Zhengzhou, marking that China Communications Group has taken a key step in building an internationally competitive pipeline infrastructure service provider and operator.
Oil and natural gas as the world's most important primary energy, energy transport channel construction, is a key field of national infrastructure construction. China Communications Group's entry into the field of oil and gas pipeline construction is of great significance to the integrated development of the construction industry and the petrochemical industry, which is very necessary and has a bright future. China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation is willing to work with China Communications Group to jointly enhance the independent innovation capacity of the petrochemical industry with "new ideas leading a new journey", focusing on the goal of high-quality development of the petrochemical industry and the construction of a modern petrochemical industry system, targeting key core technology areas.

Pipeline transportation is one of the world's five major transportation modes, along with highway, waterway, railway and aviation. It is an important part of modern transportation system. China Communications Pipeline Co., LTD is a brand enterprise established by China Communications Group focusing on the transformation and upgrading of pipeline engineering industry. The company takes petrochemical engineering and oil and natural gas pipeline engineering as its core business, focuses on the goal of creating a "specialized and innovative" enterprise with the service ability of the whole industry chain of pipeline engineering, and takes the construction of the main engineering, supporting engineering and production auxiliary engineering of oil and gas development and treatment, as well as the construction, installation, maintenance and transformation of long-distance pipeline as its business development direction, deeply involved in urban petroleum and natural gas The renewal and transformation of gas pipe network and the construction of digitalization, networking and intelligentization will create an all-around enterprise with the operation capability of the whole industrial chain of "design consulting - procurement manufacturing - installation and commissioning - operation and maintenance - comprehensive service".


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