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Hard seal forged steel ball valve structure characteristics

Structural Characteristic of Hard Seal Forged Steel Ball Valve:
Double blocking with discharge function
Hard sealed forged steel ball valves use spring preloaded floating seats that allow fluid blocking of the body cavity through the discharge valve when the valve is fully open or fully closed.
Automatic Pressure Relief Function
Hard sealed forged steel ball valve body cavity medium temperature rise caused by abnormal pressure boost, do not need to pass the safety valve, and only rely on the valve seat function can automatically relieve pressure, which is very important to ensure the safety of the valve when conveying liquid medium.
Fire Safety Structure
Hard sealed forged steel ball valve valves are designed and manufactured to API 607 and API 6FA specifications for fire safety.
Sealed Emergency Grease Injection Rescue
Hard seal forged steel ball valve seat seal failure due to foreign matter or fire in the medium, grease valve provides a quick connection with grease gun, convenient and quick to inject sealing grease into the seat seal, relieve leakage.
Reliable Stem Seal and Low Operating Torque
Hard sealing forged steel ball valve in addition to the standard sealing ring, packing gland is also set up "O" type sealing ring, double sealing to ensure the reliability of stem sealing;  Additional graphite packing and sealing grease injection minimize stem leakage after fire. Stem plain and thrust bearings allow easy valve operation.
Full Bore or Reduced Bore
Hard sealed forged steel ball valve can be selected according to the need of full diameter or reduced diameter structure. Full Bore valve flow aperture is consistent with pipeline Inner Diameter to facilitate pipeline cleaning.
Stem Can Be Extended
Hard seal forged steel ball valve valve stem can be lengthened according to installation or operation requirements. Extended-rod ball valve is especially suitable for city gas and other occasions that need to lay pipelines underground. The extended-rod size is determined according to customer needs.
Flexible Operation
Hard sealed forged steel ball valves use seat and stem bearings with small coefficient of friction and good self-lubrication, greatly reducing valve operating torque. Thus,the valve can be operated flexibly and freely for long periods of time, even if sealing grease is not provided.
Multiple Driving Ways, Easy To Realize Automatic Control
Hard seal forged steel ball valve drive mode flexible, according to the need to choose manual, pneumatic, electric, gas-liquid linkage, hydraulic operation.


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