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How to Anti-freezing and maintenance of valves in winter

As the temperature drops rapidly in winter, the valve often freezes. If not treated at this point, the pipeline is prone to failure.If it is in some high-risk conditions, accidents may occur. Therefore, the anti-freezing treatment of the valve is very important.

The valve assembly should be fully insulated before the temperature drops to "winterize ".Prepare the necessary tools: thermal insulation foam, wire, vise, utility knife, and carry a working gas alarm in the gas area.

Use utility knife to cut the appropriate insulation foam according to the size of the valve.Then use a vise to cut the binding wire.When wrapping the insulation foam, tear the insulation foam a little to bypass the valve handle and better wrap the body. After wrapping the thermal insulation foam, secure it with wire.

In the process of use, if it is found that there is a frozen phenomenon and can not operate normally, do not hit the valve with a wrench or other heavy objects. The correct PRACTICE is to close the valve and thaw it with steam or hot water before opening the valve.

If THE VALVE IS NOT used for a long time, the medium in the pipeline should be completely excluded to prevent freezing of the pipeline and valve. It is the duty and responsibility of every enterprise to ensure production safety. Valve anti-freezing this matter can be big or small, we must not because of a moment of carelessness, resulting in an irreparable situation. 


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