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How to operated and maintained valve during working

Principle of maintenance during valve operation:
①The surface of the valve, the trapezoidal threads on the valve stem and valve stem nut, the sliding parts of the valve stem nut and bracket as well as gear, worm and worm and other parts are easy to deposit a lot of dust, oil and media residue and other dirt, wear and corrosion of the valve. Therefore, the valve should always be kept clean. The general dust on the valve is applicable to brush brushing and compressed air blowing, and even can be brushed with a copper wire brush, until the processing surface, with the surface of metal luster, paint surface paint color. Steam trap should be responsible for at least one inspection per shift. Regularly open the flush valve and steam trap bottom wire blocking flushing, or regularly remove to flush, so as not to clog the valve dirt.
②Keep the lubrication of the valve, valve trapezoidal thread, valve stem nut and bracket sliding part, bearing position, gear and worm long stalk meshing part and other matching active parts need good lubrication conditions, reduce friction between each other, avoid mutual wear. For no oil cup or nozzle, easy to damage or loss in the operation of the parts should be repaired with complete lubrication system, to return to the dredge of the oil road.
③Lubrication parts should be according to the specific situation of regular refueling, often open, high temperature valve is suitable for an interval of one week to one month refueling; Do not often open, temperature is not high valve refueling cycle can be longer, lubricants have oil, butter, molybdenum disulfide and graphite. Oil is not suitable for high temperature valves; Butter is also a bad fit because it melts at high temperatures and runs off. High temperature valves are suitable for adding molybdenum disulfide and graphite powder. Exposed to the outside lubrication parts, such as trapezoidal threads, teeth and other parts if butter and other grease, easily contaminated with dust, and the use of molybdenum disulfide and graphite powder lubrication is not easy to be contaminated with dust and the lubrication effect is better than butter, graphite powder is not easy to be directly coated, can be used with a little oil or water synthesis paste.
Keep both pieces complete and intact.Flange and bracket bolts should not be allowed to loose. If the fastening nut on the hand-wheel is loose, it should be tightened in time to avoid wearing the connection or losing the hand-wheel. After the hand wheel is lost, it is not allowed to replace the hand wheel with a live board. Packing differential pressure shall not be skewed or without preload clearance.Easy to be polluted by rain, snow, dust and other dirt environment, the valve stem to install a protective cover.The scale on the valve shall be complete and accurate.Valve seal, cap, pneumatic accessories should be complete and intact.Insulation jacket should not sag, crack.
In addition, it is not allowed to knock, support heavy objects or stand on the valve, so as not to dirty the valve and damage the valve. In particular, non-metallic mesh doors and cast iron valves should be paid more attention to.
Maintain the routine maintenance of electric equipment,electric equipment maintenance, generally not less than once a month.Maintenance contents include: appearance should be clean, no dust accumulation, the device is not contaminated by soda water, oil; Sealing surface, point should be firm, tight.No leakage phenomenon, lubrication parts should be lubricated in accordance with the provisions, valve nut grease should be added.The electrical part should be in good condition, without phase failure, automatic switch and thermal relay should not trip, the indicator light is correct

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