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How to choose the accessories of pneumatic Butterfly Valve

1.The accessories of pneumatic butterfly valve are: positioner, pressure reducing valve, filter, oil mist, travel switch, solenoid valve, handwheel mechanism, etc.
2.Accessories provide supplementary functions and ensure the operation of the valve. Increase what is necessary and do not increase what is unnecessary. Adding accessories when unnecessary raises prices and reduces reliability.
3.Strictly explosion-proof occasions, optional electrical converter + pneumatic positioner
4.Solenoid valve should choose a reliable product to prevent it from action.
5.It is recommended not to use hand wheel mechanism on important occasions to prevent human error.
6.Manufacturer to provide and install and debug well, to ensure the reliability of the system and assembly connection.
7,The main function of the locator is to improve the output force and speed of action, do not need these functions can not be taken, not with the locator.

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