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Stainless steel metal hose has three main functions

一:Reduce the installation stress of the pipeline.
In complex piping system, due to the limitation of spatial position, installation work often produces various difficulties. The shaped pipe will not fit. Bent, bent and centrally installed pipes inevitably have to be compensated for local cooling. According to the caliber of the pipeline and the site conditions, the amount of cold fill from a few millimeters to tens of millimeters, some even reach hundreds of millimeters. Practice has proved that the greater the amount, the higher the internal stress, the residual installation stress in these piping systems, is obviously very hidden.
The metal hose can be bent freely, and the internal stress generated by bending under the condition of rated bending radius is very small, so it is very convenient for installation, and also plays a certain role in ensuring the safe operation of the pipeline system.
二:Compensates for pipe position movement
The rubber tube has good softness and anti-fatigue, but it is a weak part in compression, temperature resistance, anti-aging and so on. It can not continue after several months of use. The good comprehensive performance of the metal hose is fully reflected here. In the general industrial field, in addition to pressure, temperature, but also often exist fatigue, corrosion, vibration, compression, impact and other harsh conditions, in this case, the metal hose compensation pipe location movement is appropriate.

三:Absorb the vibration of piping system
The metal hose absorbs vibration, which not only improves the fatigue damage ability of the system, but also has the effect of reducing noise. Part of the piping system uses metal hoses.

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