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Reasons for Leakage of Stainless Steel Flange

1. Stress effect


In the flange installation, the butt of the two flanges is relatively standard, but in the production of the system, the pipe temperature changes after the pipe enters the medium, so that the pipe expands or deforms, so that the flange is subjected to bending load or shear force, which is easy to cause gasket failure.


2. Slant your mouth


Deviated mouth means that the pipe is not perpendicular to the flange, and the flange surface is not parallel. Flange leakage occurs when the internal medium pressure exceeds the load pressure of the gasket. This situation is mainly caused in the process of installation and construction or maintenance, and it is easy to be found. This kind of accident can be avoided as long as the project is actually inspected at the time of completion.


3. Open your mouth


Open mouth, refers to the flange clearance is too large. When the gap of the flange is too large and the external load is caused, such as axial or bending load, the gasket will be impacted or vibrated, and lose the compaction force, thus gradually losing the sealing kinetic energy and leading to failure.

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