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How To Solve The Problem Of Flange Plate Leakage

In the continuous consumption of modern industry, flange is affected by medium corrosion, scour, temperature, pressure, vibration and other elements, which will inevitably present leakage problems. The leakage of flange is caused by the error of the processing size of the sealing surface, the aging of the sealing element and the improper fastening of the device. If the flange leakage problem cannot be managed in time, the leakage will expand rapidly under the scour of the medium, resulting in the loss of materials and the destruction of the consumption environment, resulting in the shutdown of the enterprise and the formation of huge economic losses.

If it is toxic and harmful, flammable and explosive media leakage, there may be serious accidents such as personnel poisoning, fire explosion and so on. The traditional way to deal with flange leakage is to change the sealing element and apply sealant or change the flange and pipe, but this method has great limitations, and some leakage is limited by the requirements of safe working environment, and can not be stopped on site. Now we can use polymer composite materials to stop the leakage on the spot, among which the application of the more mature system.

It is a very ideal method, especially in flammable and explosive places, more show its superiority. Polymer composite material technology construction process is simple, safe, and low cost, can deal with the large part of the flange leakage problem for enterprises, eliminate the hidden danger of safety, save more maintenance cost for enterprises. flange connection is to fix two pipes, pipe fittings or equipment on a flange respectively. Between the two flange, the flange pad is added and fasten together with bolts to complete the connection.

Some pipe fittings and equipment used to have flange, which is also a flange connection. Flange connection is an important connection way in pipeline construction. The flange joint is easy to use and can accept greater pressure. In the industrial pipeline, the use of flange connection is very common. In the home, the pipe diameter is small, and it is low pressure, and the flange connection is not visible. If in a boiler room or consumption site, everywhere is flange connecting pipe and equipment.

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