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The difference and selection between fireproof and antistatic ball valves and ordinary ball valves

Fireproof and Anti-static Ball Valve is a kind of ball valve that can be used in Natural Gas, Artificial Coal Gas, Liquefied Gas, City Gas and Non-Corrosive Gas Pipelines. It has antistatic and fireproof devices, that is, between the ball and the valve stem, the valve stem and the valve body. A conductive spring is set up so that the electrostatic energy generated during the opening process of the valve is introduced into the pipeline through the set electrostatic channel and directed underground to achieve the purpose of removing static electricity. It avoids ignition of flammable media by static electricity and ensures system safety. As for the fire protection device, That is, the ball valve is designed with double seals. When the soft sealing gasket is rubbed due to high temperature, the valve core ball is designed to form a right-angle hard seal behind the soft seal again, forming a sealing relationship again.


Compared with conventional ordinary ball valves, fireproof and anti static ball valves are used in a wider range of industries, and their safety performance has also been improved a lot. For fire-prone occasions, it can effectively prevent internal leakage. The main ball valve sealing to achieve this function Ring, this kind of sealing ring is a double-layer seal, one layer of soft seal and one layer of metal seal. When the soft seal layer is destroyed by combustion, the metal seal can further fill the void, play a key backup seal role, and can prevent the fire to a certain extent. There is a large amount of media leakage and the fire is not spreading.


When the fire-proof and anti-static ball valve performs switching operations, there will be mutual friction between the ball and the valve seat, and the static electricity generated by the friction will accumulate on the ball. This is not allowed for ball valves used on gas, fuel, and chemical pipelines. , may cause pipeline explosion accidents. Ball valves with anti-static structures are equipped with static electricity discharge devices, which can discharge the electrostatic charge accumulated on the ball in the first time, effectively ensuring the safe operation of the pipeline; generally at home and abroad, elastic components are usually used for connection. method, and in accordance with the standard regulations, make the resistance between the ball and the valve body and the valve stem and the ball below 12VDC and below 10 ohms.


It should be noted that the fire prevention and anti-static functions of ball valves are not omnipotent and can only be used for emergency purposes to buy more time to solve accidents. In addition to using fire prevention and anti-static ball valves in gas and fuel pipelines, they also Certain fire protection measures such as explosion protection and fire protection should be installed and relevant national regulations should be strictly followed.


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