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Working Principle Of Electric Ball Valve

The Electric Ball Valve is mainly Composed of an Electric Actuator and a Ball Valve. The plug body is a sphere and has a 90-Degree Rotation Action. The Electric Ball Valve is not only a good product that can throttle, Cut Off, Switch on and off, and Divert Flow, it is also the first choice in flow regulation systems. Product. It has many characteristics such as pressure resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, small flow resistance, long service life, and wide application range.


Working Principle Of Electric Ball Valve:

The Electric Ball Valve mainly relies on the adjustment of the current in the electric actuator to operate the ball valve. The electric actuator input and output signals are 4-20mA and 220VAC power supply standard signals. The motor set drives the gear turbine rod angle torque to control the opening and closing, distribution and distribution of the ball valve. Change the flow direction of the medium or adjust the proportion of the valve core rotation, that is, the valve opening is proportional to the control fluid, or called a percentage.


Applications Of Electric Ball Valves:

Electric Ball Valves do not require manual operation, but are operated intelligently. In the production process, the environmental site determines all factors. Electric ball valves used in high-pressure, high-temperature or low-pressure, low-temperature environments are different.



The Following Points Should BeNoted:

1. For low temperature and low pressure, the material does not require much adjustment.

2. In the case of high pressure and high temperature, high temperature and high pressure resistant materials should be selected as the electric ball valve material, such as stainless steel and alloy. These materials can withstand high pressure and high temperature.

3. The internal parts of the electric ball valve need to be replaced to reduce damage to the valve core, which will also facilitate the flow of the medium and avoid soldering and clogging of the electric ball valve.

When the electric ball valve is opened, some vibration-avoiding machinery can be installed to prevent damage to the internal structure of the electric ball valve core when it is opened.


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