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What are the types of stainless steel fittings

Stainless steel pipe fittings, especially tee, elbow and size head are more and more common in the process of pipeline construction. This is mainly because it has the characteristics of good forming, strong pressure resistance and simple welding form to ensure the bearing capacity of the pipeline. Therefore, in the process pipeline engineering, especially in petrochemical and other high temperature, high pressure and inflammable and explosive pipelines, the reasonable use of pipe fittings and the quality of pipe fittings directly play a decisive role.

In the process of pipeline design and installation, especially in petrochemical industry high temperature and high pressure and flammable and explosive pipeline engineering. No matter from the design and selection, processing and manufacturing, to the construction, installation and inspection of every link, the design, manufacture and installation unit personnel should be strictly checked to ensure the quality of selection, materials, manufacturing, installation and inspection, otherwise it will cause difficult losses in the construction and production process of the device.


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