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What are the main applications of stainless steel fittings

1. Water Supply and Drainage Piping, Irrigation System
Water supply and drainage pipeline engineering is the transmission and distribution of industrial water supply, drinking water and the collection, transmission and discharge of industrial wastewater, domestic sewage and rainwater pipe (channel) system engineering.  

ts engineering investment accounts for most of the total engineering investment.  Sprinkler irrigation system is an important part of agricultural water use. The physical and chemical characteristics of stainless steel water pipe meet the requirements of modern agricultural water treatment.

2.Direct Drinking Water Pipeline 
As people for domestic and drinking water quality requirements gradually increase, urban system with water supply in residential area, hotel, office building), park with water purification station, deep purification for tap water, stainless steel pipe set up independent circulating pipe network at the same time, after purification, the quality of water directly by stainless steel pipe into user (or guest room, office) in the home, for the people Drink it directly to avoid secondary "water pollution".

3.Fire Fighting Pipelie

Stainless steel fire fighting pipe system is a kind of fixed fire fighting facilities widely used in China.After the automatic alarm mechanism is activated, the fire sprinkler system automatically sprays through the static flow of the stainless steel pipe and works in linkage with other fire fighting facilities.Therefore, it can effectively control and extinguish the initial fire and reduce fire safety hazards.

4. Petrochemical Industry
The petrochemical industry involves acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive fluids.Stainless steel pipe because of the characteristics of the material has corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, can ensure that the fluid in the transport is not polluted at the same time the pipeline is not eroded.  

Mainly used for heating pipe and heat exchanger pipe, cooler pipe, tower coil pipe, hydrogenation unit process pipeline; Synthesis reactor tube in methanol synthesis unit; Tube for catalyst regeneration cooler in ethylene plant.

5. Urban Heating Supply
Urban heating mainly uses the floor heating is mostly water heating.But in terms of quality of life. In China, the heating method has been used in centralized mode. However, due to the pipeline laying and other reasons, the uneven temperature between the rooms of each building, coupled with the low standard heating period and heating temperature, system imbalance and single heating function, has been unable to adapt to the increasing requirements of modern residents for heating, heating comfort. 


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