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Advantage of Ball Valves

1When Ball Valve is Fully open and Fully Closed, the sealing surface of ball&seat will isolated from the medium. So the medium through the valve at high speed will not case the erosion of the sealing surface.
2 Ball Valve Structure is simple,with good sealing, small Torque when open and closing.
3 Ball Valve have lowest flow resistance (Practically close to Zero)
4 Reducer Bore and Full Bore
5 Flange End Face or Butt Weld End connect
6 Soft sealing ball valves have fire prevention and Anti-Static devices
7Stem is blowout prevent designed to prevent stem ejection from body due to improper operation.
8 Support all kinds of driving devices including Hand Wheel, Gear Operator, Electric, Pneumatic, Gas-liquid, Lever etc.
9 BTL ball valve provides a special” Positioning Slot” to easily and accurately locate the full open and closed position of the ball valve when it is not possible to see the position of the ball hole when replacing or installing the actuator online. Convenient adjustment of actuator limit device.
10Weld End Connect ball valve, the user can adjust the valve end material according to the pipeline material grade response to ensure the strength of the material fit and weld ability. Valve with sleeves at both ends, enough Sleeves length to ensure that field welding does not affect the sealing material.
11Buried design. The stem of the valve installed underground can be extended for above ground operation as required by the project, and the corresponding grease injection, drain&vent device can be extended to above ground through the pipe.


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