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Forged steel valves Attention matters

Forging steel Gate valve grease injection situation:
on the one hand, the amount of grease injection is small and the grease injection is insufficient, and the sealing surface is accelerated due to lack of Lubricant.
On the other hand, excessive injection causes waste.Precise calculation of different valve seal capacities according to valve type categories. The sealing capacity can be calculated as per the size and category of the valve, and then the appropriate amount of grease can be injected reasonably.
Forged steel gate valves often ignore the pressure issue: under grease injection operation, the grease injection pressure is specified. The pressure is too low, the seal leaks or the safety valve fails. If pressure is too high. Grease injection valve causes hardening or sealing ring, ball and plate blockage. Usually, when the grease injection pressure is too low, the injected grease flows into the bottom of the valve cavity which mostly occurring in small Gate Valves.The pressure of the grease injection flow control valve is too high, it is necessary to check the insulation gate valve and the grease injection Nozzle; On the other hand, the plunger globe valve is grease hardening, and the cleaning liquid should be used to repeatedly soften the failed sealing grease and inject new grease replacement. In addition, the sealing type and sealing material also affect the grease injection pressure, different sealing forms have different grease injection pressure. In general, the grease injection pressure of the hard seal is higher than soft seal.

Forged steel Globe valve should noted valve switch position
Ball valve maintenance is generally in the open state, under special circumstances choose to close make maintenance. Other valves cannot be treated in an open position.

Forged steel globe valve in maintenance must be in the closed state to ensure that grease along the sealing ring is full of sealing groove. If open, sealing grease is directly dropped into the flow channel or valve chamber, resulting in waste. The effect of valve grease injection is often ignored. The pressure, the amount of grease and the switch position are all normal in the operation of overdose injection. But in order to ensure the valve grease effect, sometimes need to open or close the valve, check the lubrication effect, confirm the valve ball or gate surface lubrication is uniform.

Forged steel Check valve should pay attention to the valve body sewage and wire blocking pressure relief problems. After the pressure test of the valve, the sealing chamber, the gas and water in the valve chamber increase the pressure due to the rise of the ambient temperature and the pressure should be discharged first to facilitate the smooth operation of the grease injection. After grease injection, Air and moisture in the sealed cavity are fully displaced. Timely discharge valve chamber pressure, but also to ensure the safety of the use of the valve. After grease injection, the drain and pressure relief wire must be tightened to prevent accidents. When filling full pay attention the the problem of overdose uniformity. In normal fat-injection, the nearest fat-outlet hole from the fat-injection port first gives fat, then to the low point. And finally to the high point, successive fat. If not according to the rule or not fat, prove the existence of blockage timely clearance treatment.


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