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The structure of Gate valves and Working Principle

Gate valve structure including: Body, Seat, Stem, Gate, Body Cover, Sealing Ring and other parts. The opening and closing parts of the gate valve are the Gate plate. The movement direction of the gate plate is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid. The gate valve can only be fully opened or closed, not adjusted and throttled.

The role of gate valve in pipeline can only be fully open or fully closed two operation control, can not be adjusted and throttling, through the transmission device and gate valve equipped can be transformed into a variety of electric gate valve and pneumatic gate valve.

The disc of the gate valve moves in a straight line with the stem, usually with trapezoidal threads on the lifting rod. Through the nut at the top of the valve and the guide slot on the valve body, the rotary motion is changed into a straight line motion, that is, the operating torque is changed into operating thrust. Sealing surface can only rely on the medium pressure to seal. Rely on the medium pressure to press the sealing surface of the valve are forced-sealed. When the valve is closed, the gate is forced against the seat by external forces to ensure the sealing face. When gate life height equals 1:1 times valve size, flow path is clear. At run time, however, this location can not be monitored. In actual use is the vertex of the stem as marks,that is, open position, as its full open position. In order to consider the temperature changes occur looking phenomenon, usually open to the top position, and then rewind 1/2-1 turn, as the position of the fully open valve. Therefore, the full open position of the valve is determined by the position of the gate.


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