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How to replace gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves and other universal valve flange gaskets

1: Preparation

Material: Butter, cotton yarn, leak detection liquid, sealing gasket.

Tools: wrench, screw screw.

2: Operation steps

Remove the flange connecting bolt, remove the valve or remove the leakage end pipe section. Remove the waste gasket on the sealing surface.

Select the appropriate gasket, evenly spread a layer of butter on both sides.

Put the sealing gasket on the sealing surface between the two flanges, align the center of the two flanges and the center of the bolt hole, install the bolt, screw on the nut, and tighten the nut with uniform force for several times. Bolt extension nut length 2-3 pitches is appropriate. After the flange gasket is installed, it should be qualified after working pressure test without leakage.


3: Technical requirements

The flange should be carefully operated to prevent damage.

After completion, the tools should be cleaned and maintained.


4: Five points of gasket installation

The right choice: the form, material and size of flange, bolt and gasket should be appropriately selected according to the operating conditions and the structural form of the flange surface.

Check the fine: before installation, the quality of flanges, bolts, nuts and gaskets should be carefully checked, and there should be no burr, bump, crack and other defects. Carefully check the flange, pipe installation, should be no deviation, wrong mouth, wrong hole and other phenomena.

Clean: flange sealing surface should be cleaned, bolts and gaskets should not be glued with impurities, oil, etc.

Fit correctly: the gasket should be concentric with the pipe or pipe fittings.

Evenly: the installation bolts and nuts are evenly applied and tightened symmetrically for many times

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