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Pneumatic ball valve common fault analysis and daily maintenance

Pneumatic Ball Valve Installation and Maintenance Process, should pay attention to:

1. Check whether the air source treatment device, filter, pressure reducing valve and oil mist device are normal, and observe whether the pressure is 3-8kg;

2. Observe whether there is air leakage in the pneumatic actuator, especially at the stem connection and the two end covers;

3. Check whether the solenoid valve works normally and whether there is air leakage;

4. Check whether the locator works normally and whether there is air leakage;

5. Check whether the fixation screws of all connecting parts are firm;

6. Try to avoid covering too much floating ash in the actuator and keep the working environment of the market clean.

Analysis of common faults of pneumatic ball valve:


First, the pneumatic ball valve has no feedback signal

The signal line of pneumatic ball valve is composed of a pair of control signal lines and a pair of feedback signal lines. When PLC gives a signal to the valve, the signal is converted in the locator of the regulating valve, and the movement of the valve stem is controlled through the air source pressure. The stroke of the stem transmits the opening of the valve through the feedback signal of the regulating valve.

If there is no feedback signal from the pneumatic ball valve, check each joint for voltage with a multi meter. Check whether the line connection is correct, whether the signal line is damaged, whether the signal line is loose.

Second, the valve can not close the zero position

The valve cannot be closed to zero. First, it is actually closed to zero, but there is no feedback indication. This is a signal problem, which can be solved by adjusting the positioner;

The second is that there is actually no strict closure. It is possible that the valve seal gasket is damaged, or the stem connection rotates and becomes clogged. During maintenance, it is necessary to remove the valve body, contact the pneumatic ball valve manufacturer to replace the sealing gasket, and add lubricating oil at the rotation to make it work normally.


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