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How to solve the butterfly valve failure

First: Butterfly Valve Two End Surface Leakage


1. The sealing gaskets on both sides fail.


2. Uneven or uncompressed pressure of pipe flange.


Butterfly Valve Leakage Solution:


1. Replace the sealing gasket.


2. Tighten the flange bolt (uniform force).


Two: Butterfly Valve Sealing Surface Leakage


1. The butterfly plate and sealing ring of the butterfly valve have debris.


2. The butterfly plate and seal closing position of the butterfly valve do not fit properly.


3, The outlet is equipped with flange bolt force or not pressed.


4. Pressure test tendency is not as required.


Butterfly Valve Sealing Surface Leakage Treatment Essentials:


1, Eliminate impurities, wash the valve cavity.


2. Adjust the limit screws of the implementation mechanism such as worm gear or electric actuator to achieve the accurate direction of the valve closing.


3,Check the flange plane and bolt compaction force, should be evenly compressed.


4, According to the arrow inclination to hold spin.


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