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How to test the quality of stainless steel flange

Four method to test the quality of stainless steel Flanges
1. Professional inspection tool inspection: Cassenger card ruler, this card ruler is directly marked; there is also a data confirmation that is more convenient for the size of the flange disk products on it.
2. Sensing, the first view of flange plate products is very important. Generally, the feeling of people is very smooth. Such products are very qualified processing.

3. Look at the position of the bolt holes from the edge. Fchals closer to the edges are definitely small outer diameter. In fact, it is not small according to the standard rules. If you see that there is such a phenomenon, it is the flange plate Product is non -standard.

4. Looking at the bolt has a backward angle. The quality of the chamfering is directly related to the responsibility of the producer. For professional manufacturers, credibility and quality are life. Therefore Will be strictly controlled.

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