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What are the differences between electric butterfly valve and pneumatic butterfly valve

The principle of the electric butterfly valve is to use the electric actuator to drive the power switch of the power switch, and use a single or three -phase motor to drive the gear or gear tooth strip to export straight lines or rotation. The electric actuator can export a relatively stable driving force. It has strong ones. Anti -bias work ability, and has a higher accuracy than pneumatic actuators. It can automatically maintain the position without relying on other auxiliary system software.

Electric execution agencies have the characteristics of simple operation and easy to complete remote operations, but their structure is cumbersome, which is easy As a result, the motor is hot, and the deceleration gear shaft is easily damaged. In addition, the electric execution agency is running slowly, and it is difficult to complete the problem of large -drive power.

The principle of the pneumatic butterfly valve is the butterfly valve that drives the power switch of the power switch with the pneumatic actuator to reduce the air as the driving force. The fire butterfly valve structure is simple, convenient to maintain, but the capacity is large, there are air and purification devices; It is uniform, and the pneumatic actuator has a film type, piston type, fork type and rack type.

The advantage of choosing gas as a driver is that the protection index is high and the application environment regulations are low. However, due to the fluid density of the gas, the relatively low pneumatic actuator has a slow response, poor resolution, low accuracy, and poor work capacity. When power or friction is large, it is easy to cause abnormal vibration of machines and equipment.


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