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Why is the electric valve closed not tight

Electric valves are widely used in power stations, petrochemical, iron and steel metallurgy, food processing and water quality treatment industries, especially in large enterprises that need to implement automatic control. The electric valve creates the conditions for the remote control of the valve, and also makes the automation and intelligence of the production system possible. If the stroke control fails, there is also over torque protection to maintain valve operation and avoid valve damage. Which ensures the operation of the valve and the production system. For torque control valves, in the existing system, the stroke system is not protective.

Electric valves (such as electric gate valves and globe valves, etc.) often have the phenomenon that electric operation is not tightly closed in use, which brings trouble to valve users and operators, and also seriously affects the service life of the valve.

Wedge gate valve, globe valve and sealed butterfly valve and other valves are closed by generating enough specific pressure on the sealing surface of the valve to ensure the seal, and the specific pressure of the sealing surface is achieved by relying on the operating torque of the valve. In production practice, such electric valves often appear after the electric operation is closed, there is still a phenomenon of medium leakage.


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