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PTFE GASKET Leak? We provide 4 way to improve PTFE Gasket Sealing Performance

PTFE Gasket have a wide use in Petroleum, Chemical and other industrial fields with its good sealing performance. 

The aging, Weightlessness, Flabby phenomenon of PTFE gasket increasingly serious in recent years, which caused bad situation is "Leakage" influence normal operation of production and suffer great economic losses and casualties. So, in order to better use of PTFE gasket, we must be know the role of seal, how to deal with leakage of PTFE GASKETS when its happened.

1: Increase sealing grease to PTFE Gasket, especially, the VALVES without sealing grease. Consider increase sealing grease to improve the performance of PTFE GASKET.

2: In order to further ensure the sealing effect of packing on PTFE gasket stem, can adopt packing method. Double and Multi-layer mixed packing method can usually use rather than simply increasing amount. The sealing effect is not obvious after add 3-5 pieces.

3: Control Heating Temperature Change. Because temperature has a great influence on PTFE Gasket, the temperature control about -20℃-200℃, the sealing performance is significantly reduced, the aging speed is fast, the life is short, so the sealing performance of PTFE gasket can be improved by controlling the use temperature of PTFE gasket.

4: Other shape of PTFE gasket adopt, except Flat Gasket, also have V type Gasket, Piston Ring, Ball valve Gasket etc., We can try other shapes of PTFE gasket to observe whether the sealing performance changes.

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