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Floating Ball Valves and Trunnion Ball Valve Design Feature

Floating Ball Valves and Trunnion Ball Valve Design Feature.jpg

Ball Valve with Fire Safe Seat Sealing accordance with API 607&API 6FA. When Non-Metal resilient seats are destroyed in a fire, the upstream medium pressure push the ball into the downstream metal seat lip to cut off the line fluid and prevent the internal leakage due to a secondary metal to metal seals.

Main performance of Ball valve: Fluid resistance is small,  Quick&Convenient switch, Size Small, Light Weight; Sealed Well; Long service Life; High safety and reliability; Easy to maintenance online; It is popular for its features such as Pressure relief and Ball sweeping. Ball valve can be used in wide range of Media, various pressure and Temperatures also size range is constantly expanding.

Ball valve working principle: through the external force on the upper end of stem, drive the closing parts(BALL) around the center line of valve body for 90°rotation to complete the valve cut off, Connected, Distribution or change the flow direction or other functions.

Soft Seal Floating Ball Valve is used for all kinds of Pipeline with different pressure from Class 150-Class 1500, PN16-PN64; Function to cut off or connect the medium in pipeline. Different material can be respectively applicable to WATER, STEAM,OIL,LIQUEFIED GAS, NATURAL GAS, GAS, NITRIC ACID, OXIDIZING MEDIUM AND OTHER MEDIA.

Floating Ball Valves and Trunnion Ball Valve Design Feature-.jpg

Compare to same specification of Gate valve, Globe Valve, the Ball valve with light in Weight, Small size, easy to installation on facilitating pipeline. Ball valve Fluid resistance is small, when Full -Bore open, the ball Channel, body passage and pipe connecting diameter equal to one. Media can almost no loss when operating. Ball valve rotation 90°can be fully closed and fully open, also quickly open&close. 

Soft Seal Trunnion Ball Valve drive operator Gear Box, Manual pneumatic, Electric. With Flange End or Butt Weld; Suitable for Long Distance pipeline and industrial pipeline. Its Strength, safety, resistance to harsh environment and other special consideration in the design, it popular use in Corrosive and Non-corrosi

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