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Stainless steel elbow product features

In recent years, in the heating system is widely used, GB stamping elbow as a new generation of heating special pipe is gradually becoming the mainstream goods in the heating market.Usually according to the group of fixed semi-finished products factory, site construction according to the pipeline weld grade welding, so it is also known as two half welding elbow.

The stability of stainless steel pipeline effectively prevents pollution due to material reasons. Stainless steel pipeline strength is high, can withstand strong vibration and impact, with no water leakage, no burst, fire, seismic characteristics, and widely applicable, in addition to disinfection and sterilization, do not need to control the water quality.  At the same time, there is no corrosion and dirty exudate, water in the pipeline for a long time will not affect the water quality, put an end to secondary pollution, obviously, this is a health barrier.
Development trend of the stainless steel elbow pipes: gb stamping elbow material not only has the qualified creep curves, and the pipe price moderate, construction and convenient than other varieties, cohesive way to now during the most secure place mutually melt hot melt connection way of fitting parts of the inner diameter of the aperture is greater than the same standard tubes, in the system because they have no local reducing mechanical cohesion  Method, so the fluid resistance of the system is relatively small. 


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