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What is the processing technology of stainless steel pipe fitting

1. Forging and pressing method: the end or part of the pipe is extended by a type forging machine to reduce the outer diameter 2113. The commonly used type forging machine has rotary type, connecting rod type and roller type.

2. Roller method: The core is placed inside in 5261 stainless steel pipe fitting, and the roller is used to push and press the outer part for round edge processing.
3.Punching method: in the punch press with taper core to expand the tube end to the desired size shape.
4.Bending forming method: there are three 4102 methods more commonly used.One method is called stretching 1653;The other method is called stamping;The third wheel method;There are 3-4 rollers, two fixed rollers, one adjustment roller, adjust the fixed roller distance, the finished pipe fitting is bent.
5.Rolling method: Generally no mandrel, suitable for thick wall tube inside the inner edge of the round.
6. Bulging method: rubber is placed in the tube and compressed with a punch above to make the tube protruding into shape;The other method is hydraulic bulking, in which a volume of liquid is pumped into the middle of the pipe, and the pressure of the liquid pushes the pipe into the desired shape.This method is used in most bellows.  


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