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Stainless Steel Flange Performance&Characteristics, so how to Installation?

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Stainless Steel Flanges are Disk-shaped parts usually installed in pipeline. Stainless steel flanges is a kind of mechanical products carrier which has rich technical significance during installation. 

1: Stainless Steel Flanges shall have sufficient strength and shall not deform after tightening. The sealing surface of flange should be smooth and clean, when installing stainless steel flange should carefully cleaned the oil and rust spots.

2: Gaskets should have good oil and aging resistance as well as better elasticity and mechanical strength. When installing stainless steel flanges, sealing gaskets of different cross sections and sizes should be selected according to the shape of the connections, and placed correctly.

3: The fastening force of stainless steel flange should be uniform and the compression of rubber gasket should be controlled about 1/3.In practice, stainless steel flanges are used according to conventional methods and principles. Stainless steel is used and installed according to Standard to ensure no quality and performance problems.

How to prevent Heat Corrosion of Flange Cover

Method for preventing heat corrosion of flange covers, when welding stainless steel flanges, they are repeatedly heated to separate the carbide thus reducing corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.The electrode should be monotonous during use. Titanium calcium type should be monotone at 150℃for one hour, Low hydrogen type should be monotone at 200-250℃ for one hour in order to prevent the electrode coating adhesion to oil and other dirt, and prevent the weld to increase the amount of carbon content and affect the quality of welding parts.

In order to improve the corrosion resistance and weldability of stainless steel flanges, appropriate amount of constant elements Ti, Nb, Mo etc. The weldability is better than Chrome stainless steel flanges. When choosing the same type of Chrome stainless steel flange electrode, it should be preheated at more than 200℃ and Tempered at 800℃ after welding. If the weld.

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