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What are the problems that need attention in stainless steel pipe fitting welding

1: Stainless steel pipe fittings have certain corrosion resistance (oxidizing acid, organic acid, cavitation), heat resistance and wear resistance.Generally used for power station, chemical industry, petroleum, etc.  Stainless steel pipe fittings welding is poor, should pay attention to the welding process, thermal disposal before choosing the right electrode.

2:During welding of stainless steel pipe fittings, carbide precipitation after repeated heating can reduce corrosion resistance and mechanical function.

3: Electrode manipulation should be connected to dry, titanium calcium type should be 150dry for 1 hour, low hydrogen type should be 200-250dry for 1 hour (can not be repeatedly dried or drug skin convenient cracking peeling), beware of electrode drug skin sticky oil and other dirt, so as not to increase the carbon content of the weld and affect the quality of welds.
4: Stainless steel pipe fitting, in order to improve corrosion resistance and weldability and add appropriate amount of invariable elements Ti, Nb, Mo, etc., welding better than stainless steel pipe fitting.Accept the same as the typical chromium stainless steel electrode, should be more than 200preheating and after welding 800temper disposal. If the welding can not be thermal disposal, chromium nickel stainless steel electrode should be selected.
5: In order to prevent the occurrence of tip erosion due to heating, welding current should not be too large, less than 20% carbon steel electrode, arc should not be too long, quick cooling between layers, narrow welding pass is appropriate.
6: Stainless steel pipe fittings after welding hardening more viscous, convenient crack.  If the acceptance of the typical stainless steel pipe welding, it is necessary to preheat more than 300and slow cooling treatment of 700after welding. If the welding can not be processed after welding, stainless steel pipe electrode should be selected.
7:Stainless steel pipe welding rod has exquisite corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, widely used in chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, petroleum, medical machinery manufacturing.


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