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What is the subdivision method of stainless steel fittings

First of all, stainless steel pipe fittings contain high pressure pipe fittings used in industry, also known as industrial pipe fittings.This kind of appearance is not so delicate, many are also used for outdoor, so the production process is relatively simple. After buying a long pipe, it is cut according to detailed data parameters, and then a series of machines, such as pipe bender, are used to make it into the desired shape. Such as 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees and other specifications of elbow and tee, tee, size head, and even there will be some non-standard size.

In addition to industrial stainless steel pipe fittings, another is sanitary grade stainless steel pipe fittings.This category is more demanding for production.The raw materials are basically the same, mainly 304, a few will use 316 or 316L.The technological process in front is basically the same, and then there is a polishing process, which is also the most important process. It not only requires gloss, but also requires the level of the surface to reduce the appearance of some defects.Sanitary stainless steel pipe fittings are mainly used in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry, but also different angles of elbow and tee, tee, size and so on 


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