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What is the identification method of stainless steel pipe fittings?

Generally speaking, it is a very simple method of identification through stainless steel determination liquid. It can distinguish the stainless steel from the fake, and it's easy to test. Liquid was determined by stainless steel, for example, detection of 304 stainless steel true and false, we can buy a "type 304" determination of liquid or "Ni8" type measuring liquid test, to see whether the corresponding test results, if the liquid was determined by "low Ni" further tests found medicine beads are purple, suggests that the product is a kind of high manganese steel, and is likely to be on the market at present The prevailing shoddy stainless steel with very low corrosion resistance, namely the so-called "200 series stainless steel". Of course, we can also choose professional chemical analysis or spectral analysis and other methods, comprehensive determination of its chemical composition, and then compare with the relevant authority standards for identification, but this method cost is higher, the time needs to be longer, generally used in bulk stainless steel pipe trading. 

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