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The role of pressure reducing valve and common Faults.

Pressure Reducing Valve is mainly used for Steam Supply, Gas Supply, Water Supply and Oil Supply system pipeline. The main function is to automatically reduce pressure and maintain a certain pressure value of pipeline outlet.

Pressure Reducing valve act a protective role in the system. When the system pressure exceeds the specified value the pressure reducing valve opens. Part of the gas/ Fluid in the system is discharged into the atmosphere/Pipeline, so that the system pressure does not exceed the allowable value, so as to ensure that the system does not have accidents due to high pressure.

There are four common failures of Pressure Reducing valve in use:

Pressure relief valve outlet pressure is almost equal to the inlet pressure, not decompression is the most common.

Fault Phenomenon 1: The inlet and outlet pressure of the pressure reducing valve is nearly equal, and the outlet pressure does not change with the rotary adjustment of the pressure regulating handle.

Fault Phenomenon 2: The outlet pressure is very low, even if tightening the pressure regulating hand wheel, the pressure can not rise.

Fault symptom 3: Unstable pressure, Pressure vibration, sometimes loud noise

Fault symptom 4: The pressure of the oil outlet rises automatically after the working pressure is set.


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